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Quality Greens

It’s nearing the end of April and the apricot, cherry, apple and pear orchards are in full bloom with their shades of white and pink flowers throughout the South Valley. Even though it’s raining today, the rain is much welcomed here in the Okanagan because we have been so dry. With it comes the promise of and abundance of locally grown fruit and vegetables.

We are so excited to now be sold in Quality Greens. They started in 1995 with one store in Kelowna and added a store in Penticton. Quality Greens is known in the community to be a quick and convenient place to stop for local products with a focus on healthier options.

Their philosophy “Down to Earth” is something they take quite literally and they conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner. They offer cloth reusable bags, cardboard boxes and 100% biodegradable plastic bags. They use biodegradable and compostable corn-based packaging for take away containers and cups in the deli. They offer a variety of Fair Trade, Non-GMO Project Verified and Organic products. Any unsalable food is provided to local food banks; food and waste materials (like carrot tops) are provided to farmers and the SPCA for their animals.

All great reasons to shop at Quality Greens. Stop in and pick up some Herbs & Lavender marinades for your veggies and BBQ.